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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

FAQ's about Peace campaignign

How can I use these methods when I don’t have these skills?

Even if you personally don’t have these skills there are many people in the movement who do, but they need younger ideas and help.

What do you mean keeping it in the public’s mind?

A short video of an action or event put on to the web will be seen long after the event has finished.

Do you want all of the people with an “unacceptable image” to leave the Peace Movement?

No. I’m sorry if I gave that impression, but it is important to portray an image to the public that they can identify with.

Are you saying that the public can’t tell when it is being told the truth, whoever is telling it?

No. However a large percentage of the population are persuaded by the appearance of the person. Politicians are well aware of this problem and many good men have failed for this very reason.

Are you saying that a big demo has little effect?

No. But it may raise public awareness for a short time, which is just not enough. We must be able to keep the pressure on after the demo has finished. This can be achieved by putting our point of view on professional looking websites.

But we do get good coverage of our demos from local newspapers and TV?

OF course we do have some success, but that is often controlled by the Media’s point of view. We are also at the mercy of other events that may take place on the same day and push us out, so we need to take control and put out good PR and professional electronic images on the web.

I already go to too many meetings, are you really suggesting we have more?

I guess the reason you go have to go to so many meetings is because there are not enough participants to do the work needed. I say change the format; make them more interesting, get new blood involved.

I think the politicians take our demonstrations very seriously.

I am sure they watch us and keep files on us, and take us seriously. The point is: are we getting through to the public? Until we do that with some degree of success the power-that-be do not feel concerned.

What do you mean “Complying with the requests not to rock the boat?” We are being arrested all the time if that’s not rocking the boat tell me what is?

I certainly have a great respect for anyone so dedicated to their cause they have been arrested during a non violent action. But they must ask themselves: Did it help the cause? Did their arrest help in any way to raise public awareness?

Please explain what you think is an unacceptable image and why.

I understand that many people want to make a lifestyle comment by their hairstyle and cloths they wear i. e. woolly rainbow jumpers and hats, decaled Morris minors, or Citroen Cv cars. They want to display to the world that they are unmistakably “Green”. However cute and appealing this image is, it does not cut ice with the general public or big business. This is how the media like to portray us, rather cranky, off beat and out of step with the rest of the world. We don’t want to be seen as the alternative but as the mainstream.

I wear ex army camos because they are cheap, why shouldn’t I?

The cloths we wear are one of the ways we communicate, it also helps the public identify with us and our cause. The more acceptable our dress the more people we represent. Wearing ex army camouflage clothing is supporting some ones army and it only seems to emulate those who we are campaigning against and is frightening to a large part of society.

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